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Adult Swim Completes Cast for ‘Team Unicorn’ Pilot

Team Unicorn, a live-action and animated comedy will be coming soon to Adult Swim, at least we hope. A pilot is in the works and the casting has been completed. Jane Lynch and Alan Tydyk will be voicing characters in the pilot, which will be a fifteen minute, modernized mock-up of those Saturday morning cartons. Featured will be “four culture obsessed heroines who present ironic twists on ‘80s cartoon tropes.”

Team Unicorn comes from the creators of Robot Chicken and was started by a multimedia production team run by Michele Boyd (The Guild), Clare Grant (Star Wars: The Clone Wars), Milynn Sarley, and Rileah Vanderbilt (Hatchet). Both Grant and Vanderbilt will be executive producing the pilot alongside Seth Green and Matthew Senrich. The ladies will star alongside Sarley and Attack of the Show’s Alison Haislip to make one bad-ass geek worthy team.

“Team Unicorn is in the spirit of Sailor Moon and The Powerpuff Girls with a sprinkling of Voltron and Josie and the Pussycats,” Grant and Vanderbilt said.

Jane Lynch, who provided voice talent in Wreck-It-Ralph, will voice villainess Dark Puba and Alan Tudyk will play the trusty side-kick, Chummy Cherub. Tara Strong will play Billy, the boy who is able to call on Team Unicorn. Kevin Shinick will be the show’s announcer.

Sounds like a great adult version of Saturday morning cartoons for us!



Source: THR

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