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Nine minutes of Adrift gameplay has been released and it might cause gamers to hold their breath -- and not for a short period of time either. If you're someone who really gets into their gaming activity, interacting and all, then it might be hard for you to not hold your breath while playing Adrift. In the nine minutes featured, the title has gamers searching for an oxygen source in a crashed space station. That might sound horrible enough on its own but while you're searching there's a constant reminder that you're running out of breath as someone continues to gasp for air. Imagine how this might feel while playing on the PlayStation VR -- not like playing on console won't be tough enough.
There are new songs available for Rock Band 4 and for fans of Aerosmith, they might be pleased to know that they're centric around the iconic band. "Aerosmith Hits Pack 02" comes fully equipped with six songs, that include fan favorites such as "Cryin'" and "Dude (Looks Like a Lady)".
Don't give Link multiple outfit choices as it seems he won't be able to pick between them -- at least that's what the Tri Force Heroes trailer depicts. He's almost like a girl getting ready for a date she's more than anxious about as he changes again.... again, and again! But hey, at least gamers know that they can have fun when it comes to costume choice in Tri Force Heroes. This doesn't focus on everything one might expect from the title but it definitely centers on a fun part of it and allows gamers to personalize their looks -- at least to some extent.
When it comes to Call of Duty: Black Ops III players are going to be rewarded for their loyalty -- and it'll be in more ways than one. First off, it looks like there will be a Loyalty Personalization Pack which gives players certain rewards to use on select platforms. In order to get said items you've got to reach a certain level and link all your accounts by November 5th -- for a reference of said levels and requirements check out the picture below.
For anyone who already purchased Halo 5: Guardians they'll be able to start pre-loading the title onto their consoles. This is means for rejoicing, me thinks, as numerous Halo fans have been waiting for Halo 5: Guardians to drop -- and some have not been patient about it. The title doesn't come without taking up a chunk of data though as 46.2GB is the space it'll be using. That's just the beginning too since gamers can anticipate that it'll end up reaching 60GB which means space might need to be cleared off your console for it.
It looks like Jurassic Park isn't the only one who has perfected dinosaur breeding as ARK: Survival Evolved has now added dinosaur breeding into the title. Yup, that means you'll be able to have miniatures of multiple dinosaurs roaming free and the kicker is you can take pictures -- which can be shared as gamers see fit.
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