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League of Legends has swiftly become one of the most-played games of the past few years. The game is comprised of over 100 Champions that are tasked with defending their towers and lanes against the opposing Champions. Each Champion has different moves and skills that make them unique, and in order to be good at the game, it is imperative to be both knowledgeable in the Champion you're playing as along with the Champion you are fighting against. Because of this, League of Legends can be quite challenging and takes an ample amount of skill, making it a highly competitive game.
Recently, it was announced that Dreamworks would be creating a live-action version of popular anime, Ghost in the Shell. This anime has amassed quite a large following over the past decade, and when it was announced that Avengers and Lucy star, Scarlett Johansson, would be playing Major Motoko Kusanagi, fans were none too pleased. Fearing that Hollywood was "white-washing" Ghost in the Shell, it was suggested by many that Pacific Rim star Rinko Kikuchi would be a better choice for the role of Kusanagi. Since none of the fans' pleas have seen to go through as of yet, a petition has been started in hopes of ousting Johansson from her part in the Ghost in the Shell film.
Just yesterday, we revealed that Dying Light has reached over a million players in its launch week alone. Certainly, this newly-released survival horror game has been extremely popular. While it might seem like an insane idea, why not combine this popular game with another highly popular game to create something so ridiculous and unexpected? Well, that's just what happened when Techland decided to include a Mario easter egg hidden in the terrifying depths of Dying Light.
Telltale Games continues its theme of transforming popular TV series into video games with the spinoff game of HBO series Game of Thrones and George RR Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire novels. While episode one of Telltale's Game of Thrones was released back in December, fans of Telltale and Game of Thrones have been waiting anxiously for the announcement of a release date for the second episode. Well, the time has finally come.
After 20 years of contributing to the gaming industry through titles such as Blacklight: Retribution and Daylight, Zombie Studios has decided to shut its doors. According to the studios' goodbye letter to fans, the reasoning for this shut down is simply that the owners of the studio are retiring. While this might seem like a daunting fate for online multiplayer Blacklight: Retribution, Zombie Studios' CEOs Kipling and Nelson have assured us that the game is in good hands, as all rights are being transferred over to Builder Box Games, a studio comprised of former Zombie Studios employees.
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