JoinedMarch 27, 2013
Microsoft has announced that Games with Gold members will be receiving three free games for the first month of 2015. Xbox One owners will be able to download murder mystery game D4. D4 places you in the shoes of David Young, a detective who is hellbent on solving the murder of his wife.
Maisie Willians
Game of Thrones' spunky and adorable yet totally maniacal and violent young female character, Arya Stark, has quickly become a favorite to those who are enraptured by George RR Martin and HBO's series. However, Arya's actress, Maisie Williams, may be seen in a totally different (yet equally badass) light as she is in talks to play Ellie in the film adaptation of beloved video game, The Last of Us.
As is the theme for Sony's E3 conference this year, another epic announcement has been made that truly made all of us Rockstar fans squeal with joy: Grand Theft Auto V is coming to PlayStation 4 consoles. Not only will we be able to play it on our shiny new PS4 consoles with even better graphics than the original, but we will be able to load our PlayStation 3 data and GTA Online characters.
The Tomb Raider re-boot released semi-recently in 2012, and because of that, we were all unsuspecting a new installment of the franchise to be revealed at E3. However, the developers surprised us all during the Microsoft conference by revealing Rise of the Tomb Raider.
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