Cosplay at San Diego Comic-Con
Cosplay is always one the most entertaining aspects of Comic-Con. Here’s looking back at some of our favorites from 2011:...
San Diego Comic Con of 2013 was a blast! There were a lot of huge announcements, unseen footage for upcoming movies, and awesome panels. The place was overwhelmed with talent. Tons of people from all over gathered around to flaunt their cosplay skills. Below are some of the most popularly cosplayed characters we stumbled upon. If you would like to see more information about SDCC 2013, go here.
The next few days will be filled with San Diego Comic-Con epicness: from comic announcements, to movie news, and even information on the most anticipated video games, SDCC has so much to offer those who are fully enraptured by all that is nerd culture.
New York Comic-Con has bypassed big to become the biggest. This year, attendance reached over 150,000, surpassing San Diego Comic-Con as the most populous pop-culture convention in the United States. Not bad for a convention that pre-sold around 4,500 tickets in its first year in 2006. In a handful of years, NYCC has transformed from slightly awkward to full-on awesome. The logistical limits of being in New York City mean that NYCC may never reach the expansive, geeky glory of San Diego Comic-Con, but convention organizers ReedPOP did find a way to build excitement and take the convention into the city at-large with the addition of New York Super Week.
This year at San Diego Comic-Con, we saw a ton of incredible cosplays abundant both inside the convention center and out on the streets of San Diego. However, some of the ones that we were most impressed by were of characters from one of our favorite television series, Game of Thrones. From Daenerys to Jon Snow, we were thrilled to see some of George R.R. Martin's beloved characters brought to life.
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