Heroes Reborn on NBC
Before Marvel and DC realized that they could make a ton of money and new fans by making TV shows based on their popular series and having overarching plots that connect to each other, there was a NBC show that went by the name "Heroes". Focusing on various individuals who had gained special powers like flight, time travel, super speed, etc., "Heroes" quickly gained a following of devoted fans, and while the show was ultimately cancelled after four seasons (with seasons three and four being poorly received by fans and critics alike), there's no question that "Heroes" was a show that was ahead of its time. Now, the series is back with a 13-episode mini series called "Heroes Reborn", continuing the story years after season four ended and even brought back some of the original cast from the series, as well as spawning some prequel novellas and comics. At this year's Comikaze, the writers of one of these "Heroes Reborn" novellas, Peter J. Wacks and Kevin J. Anderson sat down for a fan Q and A.
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