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SDCC 2013: Captain America Cast Discuss Their Roles in CA: The Winter Soldier!


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Even though Marvel’s big panel isn’t until later tonight, took the opportunity to talk with Frank Grillo, Emily VanCamp, and Anthony Mackie about their roles in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Emily VanCamp accidentally revealed that she will be playing Sharon Carter – also known as Agent 13, Frank Grillo assures us that Brock Rumlow won’t become Crossbones just yet, and Mackie hits on the dynamics between Cap and Falcon.

“When we meet Kate (Agent 13), she is Captain America’s neighbor,” says Emily VanCamp. “And they’re sort of hitting it off a little bit. That’s really the extent of what I can say. What happens next, you’ll just have to go see the movie.” VanCamp states, “When I met with them, [they] talked about incorporating an element of a 70s thriller-style. I thought that was really interesting, grounded and rooted in a reality that you could actually envision these things happening right now. Which I think makes it that much more interesting to watch because you’re sort of participating with it rather just watching something heighten. I thought that was really appealing,” Emily adds.

“People out there have assumed a lot of stuff before they’ve seen anything [from the movie],” Grillo chimed in. “There’s an origin, or arc, to the character that might not take place now. It might go on. The whole mask and costume thing, it’s absurd.” He says referring to the Russo brothers. “They brought an authenticity and the 70s film comparisons really good and they wanted to make it as real as possible. There’s nothing outlandish or illogical about anything that anyone did. I think it all kind of made sense… even the stuff with [superhero action].”

“What we’ve done with the Falcon in the movie is build a relationship with Captain just like it is in the comic books,” Mackie said. “If you look at it, their relationship is sort of more comrades and buddies than it is Batman and Robin, or working partners. So, it’s just more of me giving Rumlow a good ass-whooping every now and then,” Mackie said with a laugh. “Rumlow does not get his ass whooped,” Grillo came back with and added, “It doesn’t roll like that… Rumlow’s not a bad guy. Here’s the other thing, people think conceptually about bad and good. I think this movie moves away from that; it’s more two ideologies. It’s less bad guy and good guy, which makes this movie different than a lot of the other superhero movies.”

Mackie states that fans can expect The Winter Soldier to feel like, “The Avengers 1.5 meets Jason Bourne.” He also said, “Chris [Evans] was really able to really hone in and give as amazing performance (still) as Captain America, having done so many scenes with him. [He has] grounded him in this reality that we all live in today and not so much play him as a character of himself; not like ‘oh I’ve never heard of the internet. “[Chris] really made [Cap] an actual guy that you can relate to.” He concluded by touching on the the Russo brothers’ realistic approach, “I think the action sequences are amazing. I feel like even thought [the Russos] are known for comedy, they were able to bring a lightness and… there’s so much action in the movie, because it is a superhero movie, they were able to give those moments to take a breath and get story before you go back into it. They’re very good with story, character development, and good with giving you exposition without knowing you’re getting exposition.And I feel like tat’s really difficult in these type of movies.”

Captain America is set to release April 4th of next year. That’s still a lot of waiting time, but hopefully the torture won’t be too hard to endure.


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