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RWBY’s Vivacious Ruby Rose is Ready to Slay Monsters in Spot-On Cosplay


Posted November 7, 2016 by

While the majority of popular anime originate out of Japan, American company Rooster Teeth’s series, RWBY, is an exception.  Over the past few years, RWBY has made a huge impact on the anime community, with fans falling in love with the series’ characters.  RWBY follows four girls on their quest to become Huntresses and save the world of Remnant from all of the foul monsters plaguing the land.


The main frontrunner of RWBY is Ruby Rose, the spunky, adorable, and ambitious young lady who is impossible not to love. Cosplayer Lux Cosplay shows just how much she loves Ruby Rose by bringing the character to life through cosplay.  Her black and red dress was sewn carefully, showing much skill from this talented cosplayer.  And a Ruby cosplay would not be complete without a sharp-ended scythe at hand.  Amazing!



Photography by A&B Photography and Melenea



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