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A Wonderfully Sleek Cosplay of DC Comics’ Catwoman


Posted October 17, 2016 by

There are so many different variations of the popular comic book character, Catwoman.  Over the years, her ensemble has changed time and time again as she is featured in various comic books, movies, and video games.  This leads to a plethora of creative options for cosplayers to choose from when deciding that they want to cosplay as the gorgeous cat burglar.


Cosplayer Kyra Kitsune looks wonderful as her version of Catwoman.  Her costume looks sleek, stylish, and ready for Catwoman’s agile abilities.  Her poses are perfect for Catwoman, appearing in a flexible feline state.  Overall, a wonderful cosplay by an incredibly talented cosplayer!


Photography by Ruffys FotografieBeem Photographie, and Jens Sager



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