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Cosplay of the Day: A Seductive Morrigan Aensland!


Posted December 17, 2013 by

It cannot be argued that the fighting game, Darkstalkers, is host to numerous sexy female characters.  Whether its Felicia, Lilith, or the dangerously seductive succubus, Morrigan, cosplayers everywhere are taking on the daunting task of transforming themselves into the femme fatales whose moves we have been tirelessly trying to perfect for years now.  Certainly it takes a large amount of skill to create a costume of one of Darkstalker’s most popular characters, Morrigan.  Sporting a black body suit, bat-printed stockings, and large, terrifying wings, becoming Morrigan would be no easy task.  Yet cosplayer Alodia created this amazing cosplay of the destructive succubus, completely embodying her with a perfectly spot-on costume and quite a seductive aura, making her just as hard to resist as Morrigan herself!


Photography by Jay Tablante.

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