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This Cosplay of Legend of Zelda’s Great Fairy is Enchanting


Posted January 3, 2014 by

The Legend of Zelda has become one of the most popular game series since the beginning of video gaming itself. Starting in the late 80’s, just after the airing of the most famous princess-saving plumber in the world, it has only gained the fans’ affections more, creating memorable, beloved characters that inspire many great cosplays. However, there are some very important charcters that never get the recognition they deserve.


The Great Fairy has appeared in all of the infamous games involved in this series.  In fact there are several Great Fairies, and they all have powers that can help Link along his epic quest. Varying in appearance, they all seem to have a pattern to their look. This includes minimal, natural-looking clothing, wild, lavish hair in strange colors usually tied back with a garnish of flowers and eyeshadow that screams 1989. Their most important contribution to Link’s adventure would have to be the healing power they possess, making meeting them an important element to these games.


ExileFayt creates an impecable Great Fairy. The accuracy and effort put into this cosplay is like no other. She managed to take a character that would otherwise be overlooked and makes a space for her in the forefront of everybody’s mind. Good job girl, you got us under your spell.


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  • MjLawless

    Sure looks like a Poison Ivy cosplay. Are you sure?