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Everyday Epic Cosplay: The Legend of Zelda’s Navi


Posted January 21, 2015 by

Be the cutest sidekick in Hyrule! This everyday epic cosplay is perfect for any occasion! This dress, from Black Milk Clothing, is the perfect shade of Navi blue. There are adorable wing clips, resembling ones that Navi has, that you can wear in your hair. Show your character off with a Navi bracelet and necklace (which perfectly match the blue dress). The chunky white sandal gives the entire look a cartoon-y feel. I added makeup to this everyday epic cosplay because: 1. I am obsessed with NYX products right now AND 2. fairies = glitter. The NYX roll on glitter is insane. Just pop some primer on before you put the roll on glitter on and you will be sparkling for days. The blue liner just brings all of the blue together and looks amazing. Wear this out, and you will not need to shout at people to listen to you.


Navi ATC

Blue fitted dress

Bracelet bangle

Roll on eyeshadow

Liquid eyeliner



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Nicole Salera

Nicole Salera