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Evil’s Resident Survivor: A Jill Valentine Cosplay


Posted November 6, 2013 by

With horror and zombies getting so increasingly popular, we are in need of someone who knows what they’re talking about. Jill Valentine is the perfect candidate.  Jill Valentine of Resident Evil first appeared in the original Resident Evil survival game in 1996 and since then, along with Resident Evil’s growing popularity, she too has become greatly admired. Resident Evil now has a huge franchise filled with plenty of Jill fans. It still continues to attract new fans, especially with the rising popularity of the undead.


You can here see that cosplayer Narga-Lifestream clearly understands Jill’s style, which is so obviously present in these photos. Her posing is executed perfectly and she has done an extraordinary job. The background choice is the perfect setting for her to come alive in and it compliments her cosplay so well. With such striking features, Narga-Lifestream seems so comfortable here, and it’s clear that Jill Valentine suits her incredibly well.


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