Explore Dungeons with this Adorable Hestia Cosplay


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Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon, or simplified as ‘DanMachi’ by Japanese audiences, is a popular anime filled with exploration, adventure, awesome battle sequences, and lovable characters such as Hestia.  Hestia is a goddess, but you might not expect that of her if you didn’t already know.  She is a hard worker and is very loyal and kind, while at the same time she can be lazy and quite petty.  These qualities make Hestia quite relatable, and makes her even more endearing.


Stunning cosplayer Vivid Vision never ceases to amaze us with her dedicated craftsmanship and beautiful costumery.  The same theme pertains to her adorable Hestia cosplay that is simply perfect!  Her white dress with blue ornaments and long black hair tied into pigtails suit her amazingly, and we cant imagine a more accurate Hestia cosplay.  Truly epic!



Photography by Alive Alf Photography and On Impulse Photography


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