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Get Your Shiv Ready for This Amazing Clicker Cosplay!


Posted October 15, 2013 by

After much anticipation, Naughty Dog’s action-horror game ‘The Last of Us’ easily matched our expectations and then some. With beautiful landscapes, we watched the story of Ellie and Joel in awe, never wanting it to end. Yet although it was beautiful, the scenery could easily be turned into a nightmare upon seeing a Clicker lurking around the corner. Easily distinguishable by the large fungi that have taken over their faces, Clickers are sensitive to sounds and extremely difficult to kill without proper equipment such as a Shiv. It goes without saying that the Clickers are easily the most feared zombie types in the game, as they will easily grab you, bite you, and rip out every vein in your neck.


Because of the popularity of the game, there were bound to be numerous epic The Last of Us cosplays hitting the scene. Many have cosplayed Joel and Ellie, but few have dared touch the ominous Clicker. Yet, avid cosplayer Amie Lynn was undaunted and up for the challenge.

This cosplay is absolutely perfect and spot-on to the flesh eating, fungus-ridden zombie mutants. Amie’s fungal mask is so intricate and detailed, it is a shocker that it only took her a day to create! With blood-stained, tattered clothing and a ferocious, ready-to-eat-brains expression, this cosplay is sure to make any fan of the Last of Us proud.


With the newest Abandoned Territories map pack having released as DLC today, it’s time to get back into all of the post-apocalyptic fun!


Photography by Mike Rollerson

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