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Satsuki Cosplay Was Born To Wear Senketsu


Posted September 15, 2015 by

Satsuki Kiryuin, imposing, gorgeous, and headstrong is the Student Council President at Honnoji Academy and rules ruthlessly. Normally Satsuki wears her Kamui, Junketsu, which means pure and is all white. However, in episode 21, Satsuki dons Ryuko’s Kamui, Senketsu instead.


Cosplayer Rachel Nycole reclines in a glamorous pose very befitting of Satsuki herself. Junketsu is extremely well crafted and made, sparing no expense with detail or craftsmanship. Rachel Nycole has captured Satsuki’s softer side in this wonderful cosplay.


Photography by Son Li Photography, William Tan’s Photography, and Micktography




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Kris Kittie

Kris Kittie