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A Scarlett Cosplay That Can Give Us a Transfusion Anytime


Posted December 12, 2013 by


Killer is Dead is a futuristic action game where the player takes the role of Mondo Zappa, a man who takes missions to kill dangerous criminals and assassins from around the world. The player can choose between using the main character’s signature sword, or his cybernetic arm that can transform into a variety of weapons from guns to drills and much more. While the action is a main component of the game, there is the side Gigilo missions where Mondo is tasked with charming and seducing a handful of gorgeous ladies.

One of these ladies is the enchanting Scarlett, who can be found hidden all over the game watching Mondo from afar. If you happen to find her and unlock her Scarlet Challenges, you can clear tasks in a special stage which has its own set of rewards. As Scarlett watches Mondo work and complete her tasks, she will begin to fall for his charm, and who wouldn’t want that?


Kasane personifies beauty in capturing the seductive, yet innocent in those oversized glasses, look of the nurse that has our hero’s attention. Not only does she master the lavender nurse outfit, complete with a peek of a bit of skin and the tops of her thigh high garters, but she also has the signature, life-size syringe that has us in awe of just how she crafted it. This is one nurse that has our heart skipping a beat.


Photography by Zan.

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Written by Guest Contributor: MissJinxei


Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor