Victory Is At Hand For This Mystical Night Elf Druid Cosplay!


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Purple is a complex color, as it combines the wild and aggressive energy of red with the grounded and mellow energy of blue to form such an entrancing color. Several people feel that purple is a spiritual color that could aid in connecting the mind and body with the universe. Purple is also associated with magic, creativity, and wisdom—all of which are suitable for describing this amazing night elf druid who is dressed in the finest shade of royal purple.


Druids are known for their connection with nature as they constantly yield their magic through the world that surrounds them. However, not all druids follow the path of peace and harmony—especially this sultry druid of the flames who decided to leave her peaceful druid clan to follow in the raging footsteps of Ragnaros. A druid of flames tends to bend energy in order to force it to do as they will, instead of channeling it peacefully to aid them in defeating their foes.


Mayah Cosplay has picked the most spellbinding shades of purple for her night elf’s armor that has mystically enchanted us with its enthralling levels of craftsmanship and creativity. From her epic shoulder pads that are accented with large purple feathers, to her nifty hand-made staff that is wrapped royal purple, Mayah has embodied her night elf as if she has always spent her days wandering the lush lands of Kalimdor in search of her next epic quest.


Photography by Kaicom

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Written by Guest Contributor: Domoshimi


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