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Yuna and Rikku Enjoy the Warm Weather in Fantastic Cosplay


Posted January 26, 2015 by


Final Fantasy X introduced Yuna and Rikku, two cousins with very different backgrounds. Yuna, is a summoner looking to save the world from Sin. She remains relatively quiet throughout the beginning of the story, but opens up as the adventures continues. Rikku, on the other hand, is very outgoing and free spirited with her main goal being to save Yuna, whom she affectionately dubs Yunie. They once again appear in the game’s sequel, Final Fantasy X-2, as they adventure around the world as sphere hunters.


Cosplayers MiciaGlo and Calssara team up to present us with a fantastic duo cosplay straight out of the game. Wearing the outfits worn by the characters during most cutscenes, MiciaGlo dons Yuna’s gunner attire while Calssara dons Rikku’s thief attire. Not only are the completed costumes exceptionally created, but the poses chosen by each reflect the close relationship the characters have. The photos are also fun and delightful, calling forth their playful nature when they are together. This is one duo cosplay that brings the world of Final Fantasy X-2 to life with all its magic.


Photography by Dizzy

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