Dying Light’s The Following Gets A 16 Minute Gameplay Trailer

IGN Has just released a 16-minute of gameplay for Dying Light’s new DLC The Following. In the video you IGN’s Gav Murphy talks with Dying Light: The Following’s producer Tymon Smektala.

The guided tour of the first 16 minutes of the game are accompanied by Smektala explaining the game and mechanics. He promises at least 20 hours of gameplay in The Following. The map that was added is said to be as big as the base game. The expansion goes away from the city and lets you discover the countryside of the environment. It allows for a more natural environment with fewer buildings and roads.

A word of advice from Smektala is that, “The Following is for people who are good at Dying Light.” The expansion is made for Dying Light veterans, but will still scale with individual skill level. There will also be tons of new additions besides the new environment. The crossbow and dune buggy will also be available. The Following releases on February 9.








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