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All Of Heroes Of The Storm’s Characters Are Free This Weekend


Posted January 9, 2017 by

If you ever wanted to play Blizzard’s MOBA Heroes of the Storm but couldn’t for one reason or another, this news will perhaps change your mind. Starting this Friday, January 13th and lasting all weekend, all of the game’s 60+ characters are free to play.

That also includes the recent additions of Zul’jin, Varian, and Ragnaros; Varian being the game’s first multi-class character, and Ragnaros can change into a raid boss. What’s the special occasion for making all these characters free to play, I hear you ask? No real reason. It just seems that Blizzard wants to kick off the new year with the chance to try out all the characters at once, a contrast to what usually happens where only a handful of heroes are free each week and players have to use the in-game currency or real cash to buy them.

Heroes of the Storm is out now exclusively for the PC. This free event starts on Friday, January 13th at 10 AM Pacific Time and lasts until January 16th.




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