Bloodmasque Now Available on iOS Devices!


Posted July 25, 2013 by

The iOS store has a new game added to its ranks, and it is definitely worth checking out. Bloodmasque is said to be a “photo-based character customization experience” featuring (as you may have guessed) vampires. Lots of them. The photo-based character customization allows players to take a picture of their own face and import it to use as a character’s face in the game. It hasn’t been said how many pictures can be imported for characters, but the technology looks quite interesting. Developed by popular and successful developer Square Enix, the game has a price tag of $6.99, but it looks to be worth every penny.

Bloodmasque has been recorded having around 20 hours of gameplay on the main story, but players are encouraged to play after the credits roll in special combat trials that test the competency of the player. Bloodmasque released today on the app store so be sure to pick up this title for an exciting journey through vampire-laden London. Check out the trailer below to see some exciting gameplay!



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Guest Contributor