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Conker Mega Pack Trailer for Project Spark is Here


Posted April 17, 2015 by

Project Spark was announced to us a long while ago and a DLC pack has made its way to Xbox One and PC. The specific DLC, Conker Mega Pack includes more than 350 characters, props, effects, sounds and so much more for players to expand their world and get even more creative with.

When Project Spark was announced back at E3, many fans were excited at a world you could create on your terms. Stories are yet to be told, games can be played, societies created and destroyed, amongst other things in the realm of Project Spark. On April 23, The Conker DLC will launch for $9.99 and will include episode one of Conker’s Big Reunion, the Conker Champion, the Conker Creation pack and Champions Quest E1: Void Storm.

When searching for the items, you can use the Conker tag or you may also use the Hail to the Remix tag. Both of them will pull up all the visuals needed to help create whatever your mind will be able to imagine.

Be sure to check out the video and have fun exploring the new DLC that will be releasing next week.




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