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Despite Low Player Counts, Cliff Bleszinski Remains Hopeful on Future of LawBreakers


Posted September 15, 2017 by

LawBreakers, created by Gears of War mastermind Cliff Bleszinski’s studio Boss Key Productions, released early last month, and has since struggled to maintain an active player base, particularly on PC.

LawBreakers is a first-person shooter that focuses on anti-gravity mechanics and fast-paced combat, and received a release on both PC and PS4.  Despite the fact that Bleszinski is a huge name in the video game industry, player counts on PC have been extremely low.  According to Steamcharts, LawBreakers had a peak concurrent player count of only 181 over a 24 hour period, while racking up a disappointing all-time peak of 7,482.

While Bleszinski claims that the PlayStation 4 version is “doing fine”, many players are reporting that they are having a lot of difficulty finding matches.

Even though the early turnout for LawBreakers has been low, Bleszinski and developers at Boss Key are not ready to give up the fight just yet. They have confirmed numerous updates that will be made to the game, including a new class, maps, modes, and overall features, and they have even more content planned that has yet to be revealed.

In an interview with GameSpot, Bleszinski commented, “We need the bodies. We need to keep fluffing up the CCU. We need to do what we can to let people know this is a really sweaty palm type of experience that can hopefully lend itself to eSports. But you know, I have to keep this game alive, first and foremost. I can be very cocky and very brash on social media. And realizing that, you know, we have a fledgling player base. It’s been very humbling for me. I’m going to continue to iterate on this game, continue to add to it. And try to be less of a dick, honestly.”

It is Bleszinski’s hopes that LawBreakers follows suit with Warframe, which had low player counts when it first launched as well, but is now incredibly popular thanks to numerous content updates.

If you would like to try out LawBreakers for yourself, it is currently available for $29.99 on PC and PS4.



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