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Destiny’s Powerful Thunderlord Weapon Designed to Feel ‘Unpredictable’


Posted September 20, 2013 by


One of the most powerful weapons from the upcoming game Destiny, was designed to feel as if “at any moment… should feel like it might blow up in your hands,” according to Bungie art lead Tom Doyle. The weapon in question, the Thunderlord, is designed to be a ticking time bomb, dangerous for both the intended target of its destruction as well as the Guardian wielding the weapon.

In a post on the Bungie website, contributor DeeJ described the weapon as a “beast you can barely control.” The equipment has to be earned though, and it isn’t easy. Guardians in the game must prove they’re “worthy of its firepower”. Once earned, the weapon poses risks to the player and should be used with caution.

Doyle designed the weapon to be a rare source of power, a last resort for a society tired of being overrun and gunned down. “The ammunition is some kind of monster that they wouldn’t normally use,” Doyle warns. “The use of electro-static rounds over this amplitude has been prohibited due to their volatility.”

The post made it clear that Destiny is still a work in progress, and that details could be changed or added. The game is set for a 2014 release.


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