Destroy Zombies For Free Tomorrow in Zombie Gunship Zero!


Posted March 12, 2014 by


Limbic Software has officially announced that their popular iOS game, Zombie Gunship, will be available on your devices for free tomorrow with a new name: Zombie Gunship Zero.  The original Zombie Gunship held stellar reception amongst mobile gamers seeking some zombie-killing fun, ranking it as one of the top paid iOS games with over 8.5 million downloads.  Zombie Gunship was also recently brought to Android devices, where it received further praise and earned itself a top paid apps spot on Google Play as well.

Choosing to take the free-to-play route, allowing them to reach more mobile players, Limbic Software will take the same game that we have become hopelessly addicted to and, while free, making sure that they maintain a “quality uncluttered game experience”.  As is common in free games, Zombie Gunship Zero will be supported through in-app advertising along with microtransactions to aid you in progressing through those difficult levels.  However, Limbic has ascertained that microtransactions are not necessary to beat the levels, only an optional benefit.

Prepare to board your AC-130 zombie gunner to defend your bunker against the hordes and protect civilians as you will be able to download Limbic Software’s Zombie Gunship Zero for free tomorrow on iOS and Android devices.  To get a better look at Zombie Gunship Zero, check out the epic trailer below!




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