EA Says Mirror’s Edge 2 Won’t Be a Shooter!


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After fans of the well regarded game Mirror’s Edge voiced their worries about a too action packed experience, Electronic Arts put the gamers’ minds at ease. The executive vice president of EA Labels Patrick Söderlund had this to say about the changes:

“It’s a very different Mirror’s Edge experience than the first game. Obviously as you saw in the trailer there are some things that will clearly remain the same. We’re not going to break what the game was good at but in general, though, there are some changes, which are for the better I think.” 

The changes talked about have not been discussed in great detail but one thing that we can speculate is that the action will be toned down in order to focus on the freedom of an open world to explore and conquer. Along with thin details of the game, a talk about a release date has been hushed as well. We’ll keep you up to speed as the news breaks.




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Source: Eurogamer

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