Engine-revving Gameplay Footage from Need for Speed: Rivals revealed!


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During E3, the brilliant minds behind Sony sat down with EA’s executive producer, Marcus Nilsson, and gave them a brief five minute demo of what gamers should be looking forward to in Need for Speed: Rivals. In Nilsson’s own words, he explained that the world itself is huge and will have absolutely plenty for players to do–for cops and racers as well. On another note, Nelsson did stress the fact that though there may be a ton to do for both sides, each side is very different as to what you’ll be doing. From the gameplay footage, viewers are able to see kick-butt graphics, as well as some pretty sweet cars.

Racers will feature different speed boosts built into their cars, as well as speed points. Racers are able to earn a number of speed points, and are able to use these speed points in order to unlock different things within the game. On the other hand, the cops are able to get more value from when they take down each and every racer as well. The cops are able to get a lot more valuable points when they do this, because when they do take down the racer, they also snag their points as well–leaving racers back at 0. So, overall, that’s a pretty brief description of what to expect for this awesome Need for Speed installment! Make sure to keep checking back for more information to be revealed!



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Written by Guest Contributor: Fusromandah

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