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Most EPIC Xbox One Buyers Guide for Holiday 2013!


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Microsoft has been a giant in the video game industry for many years, and they have struck the metaphorical anvil yet again by releasing the all in one appliance; the Xbox One. Millions of consoles were sold worldwide in the first few weeks after launch. Not only is the Xbox One an excellent choice for a gift this holiday, there are also many games to go along with it, just in case you or someone you know already owns one. Even though it’s early in the release of the console, Xbox One has several hard hitting titles that are a must have this holiday season. So if it’s a console you’re wanting, or just a couple games, you can’t go wrong. The Xbox One has a game for just about anyone this time of year, whether it is a shooter or a racing game, the new console doesn’t disappoint. The holidays are fast approaching so make sure to get your hands on some cool games and gear, and maybe even an Xbox One this year! So sit back, relax, and have some eggnog, because this is our Xbox One holiday buyer’s guide for 2013!


Forza Motorsport 5


The most ambitious racing game franchise has returned with Forza Motorsport 5! From pretty amazing graphics, to high intensity racing, Forza Motorsport has always delivered. So if you know of a person making car noises under their breath, we can personally guarantee that they will love this title! Forza Motorsport 5 is an exclusive to the Xbox One, so don’t go looking elsewhere, (or you will be highly disappointed.) Forza Motorsport 5 is a racing game that shows other racing games how it’s done, (and by done we mean racing.) With 200 new cars and 14 different circuits, not to mention the new elemental challenges, Forza 5 brings this well loved series to nest-gen with style. Order Forza Motorsport 5 on Amazon

Killer Instinct


Are you a retro video game fan? Have you ever heard of an old fighter game called Killer Instinct? Well my friends, the classic fighter is back and it is offering the same characters you used to love with an all new, highly pixilated array of prettiness that will definitely make your jaw drop. Killer Instinct is free to play, however you can buy multiple versions of the game to get the full experience. Killer Instinct is also an Xbox One exclusive (sorry, Sony fans!) So definitely let the person who you are buying gifts for this year that this is the game for them this holiday season.

Battlefield 4


Grab your guns, (and no, not the muscles on your biceps), and get ready for war! Battlefield 4 is one of the best realistic shooters out on the market today, and it doesn’t disappoint. The graphics really define what next gen can bring in the future as well as the ability to join a 64 player online match. Both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One offer this game and it’s really the first time seeing such graphical progress since the PC was the only system capable of such a feat. Battlefield 4 has a decent single player storyline, but it’s true prowess comes from multiplayer. From tanks, helicopters, and jets, to destructible covers and angry campers, this game has it all. Also a must buy in addition to Battlefield 4 is the season pass, so that your special someone can get all the new maps coming out soon!  Buy Battlefield 4 on Amazon

Dead Rising 3


Grab some chips; turn out the lights, and start cracking some zombie skulls once again with Dead Rising 3. Zombies, survivors, and psychopaths return in an all new place, with an all new cast, on a whole new system! Man that’s a lot to sink in, but hey, I dare you to scream “over here!” at the camera while you’re playing. (Zombies are attracted to sound by utilizing the Kinect sensor, how cool is that?) Dead Rising 3 offers more zombies on screen than ever before, so it’s fitting to say it’s their largest game yet. It’s funny, outrageous, goofy, and any other word to describe absurd. Dead Rising 3 is a definite must buy for any zombie video game lover, or if you know someone who just needs a good laugh.  Order Dead Rising 3 on Amazon

Ryse: Son of Rome


“In order to build an empire, one must come crashing down,” said someone, somewhere in ancient Rome. Ryse: Son of Rome is an action game based back in the days where the Coliseum was still up and running, and a fat guy in a robe ate grapes (please excuse the horrible mental image). Ryse: Son of Rome does bring beauty to behold. This game is a perfect buy for anyone who wants to see what kind of potential the Xbox One has graphic and frame-rate wise. Ryse: Son of Rome offers more than enough chances to make anyone look on in awe of the sheer beauty. In addition to the brilliant graphics, this Xbox One exclusive also brings a deep rich story for fans to experience, and it isn’t one you will want to miss. Order Ryse: Son of Rome on Amazon

Madden 25


Football has returned, and sports fans are going crazy for this game. Madden 25 features new mechanics, exploding crowds, and realistic movement that really immerse any football fan into this spectacle of a football video game. Madden 25 has graphics that put all sports games to shame. Invite people over, and give them a controller. They will love seeing (and playing!) a football game even though football season is over. Pick your favorite team and lead them all the way to the superbowl, but the only question is, can you go undefeated? Madden 25 is a great stocking stuffer for any and all football fans out there this year.  Order Madden NFL 25 on Amazon

NBA 2K14


Attention all basketball fans: it’s time to lace up those shoes and hit the court once again with NBA 2K14. Making an all new, built from the ground up, sports game can be difficult, but NBA 2K14 delivers! With all new textures and emotions that are thrown in with the basketball goodness, one can’t help but to become addicted. NBA 2K14 really shows off what it means to be a next gen game, and if you don’t believe us, stack it up against other NBA games out there. If you love basketball then this is an obvious must buy, but it’s also great for family and friends too.  Order NBA 2K14 on Amazon



There’s always that one guy that stands up and shouts “GOAL!” at every soccer game, so why not play the video game version instead, and save yourself the headache. FIFA has always been around and it definitely brings the awesome back to the series with all new ways to kick a ball. With an all new mechanic called real ball physics, FIFA 14 turns into one of the most realistic and heart pounding soccer games yet. So if you know someone who lives for the checkered ball, then this game is surely the way to go this holiday season. Order FIFA 14 on Amazon

Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag


Hit the Caribbean like never before in Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag. Have you ever dreamed of flying under a black flag, to live life on the open seas, and live by your own rules? Well good news, Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag is exactly what you need. This is the best pirate game out there and we can all say with a relief that it’s about time too. Assassin’s Creed 4 is by far the best game in the series, and it only gets better on the next gen consoles it was designed for. So put down that 360 copy and grab this excellent game for the Xbox One! Order Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag on Amazon

Call of Duty: Ghosts

Call of Duty: Ghosts - Singleplayer Screenshots

Fanboys unite, for the dogs of war have been unleashed once again! Call of Duty has returned for its annual release, but this time it’s something different, something new, but still the same Call of Duty we all love. Call of Duty: Ghosts is a great buy this holiday season mainly for its local multiplayer, and since a new Halo game hasn’t been released yet why not get this? Call of Duty: Ghosts is best with friends or brothers and sisters, hell if you want to get beat by your girlfriend you can have her play too. Everyone loves the quick pace of Call of Duty, that’s why the producers of the game keep making it; the money flow is just too good.  Order Call of Duty: Ghosts on Amazon

Xbox One Play & Charge Kit


Since buying batteries is so 2007, it may be a good idea to pick up the play and charge kit for the Xbox One. The controller doesn’t have a built in charger (come on console makers get with it!), so unless you want to make a hefty investment in batteries, this is a must. It also comes with a super long charging cord so that you don’t have to stop gaming or sit on top of your console to charge it. The play and charge kit is a great buy for the holidays, not only will it allow for constant gaming but it’s also cheaper in the long run. Order the Xbox One Play and Charge Kit on Amazon

Xbox Live


There is no way an Xbox One console owner is using their new toy to its full potential without Xbox Live. Xbox Live Gold will not only open the door for all online multiplayer experiences, players will also get access to HD movies and shows, music, sports, and more. It includes tons of premiere apps, allows you to stream Netflix, and offers a whole new Skype experience, thanks to the new and improved Kinect. Best of all, your Xbox Live Gold will work not only with the Xbox One, but your old Xbox 360 as well! It is a must for every Xbox One owner out there! Order Xbox LIVE on Amazon
As we look forward we can only imagine what the Xbox One has in store for us next, but for now these current games are a great way to spend the holidays. We will anxiously await the new arrivals coming in 2014, (I know I am personally excited for the release of Destiny), but until then, these games will definitely keep us busy. It is also worth noting that the games that are listed do have pre-owned copies at GameStop as well, so if you are interested in buying multiple games this year we highly suggest this route. Happy holidays!



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Written by Guest Contributor:  XPrinceofchaosX

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