Executive Director of Kingdom Hearts III Admits To a “Too Early” Announcement


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Director Tetsuya Nomura, executive director of Kingdom Hearts said in an interview earlier today that Kingdom Hearts III may have been announced too early. Kingdom Hearts III was revealed during the Sony E3 press conference on Monday, with immediate positive reactions. Fans of the series received an instant burst of nostalgia as they watched their favorite characters in the game’s trailer. However, Nomura said that after looking at the current development of the new title, it may have been too early to release.

When asked about new features in Kingdom Hearts III, Nomura was eager to divulge a few special additions to the game. The game will feature a “Kingdom Shader”, which will make characters in the game look as they would in their original worlds. Since the adventure of Kingdom Hearts travels to many different locations, each will have a distinct and unique visualization. Nomura also touched on the games improved combat system. The “bold moves” that were featured in previous titles are now even “bolder”, laughed Nomura when talking about the game’s demo that has been completed. Combat will also have an aerial component, allowing players to fight while flying for an extended amount of time.

No release date has been set yet for Kingdom Hearts III and based on Nomura’s realization today, it may still be some time.



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