Killzone: Shadow Fall Box Art Emerges, Coupled with New Screenshots!


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New screenshots for Killzone: Shadow Fall have been released, along with the North American box art for the title. The box art features what appears to be a highly trained soldier, looked down ominously by a slightly threatening looking woman. The screenshots make epic use of bloom effects and highlight some of the diverse areas that will be featured in the upcoming game. Shots of pleasant looking beach vistas are coupled with threatening pictures of factories and dark buildings.

For fans out of the loop, Killzone: Shadow Fall is the most recent addition to the Killzone series, which has long been an exclusive for Playstation owners. Shadow Fall takes place 30 years after the events of Killzone 3. Helghast refugees who had to flee their home planet resettle on the planet Vekta, where battles with the locals is a common occurance. No word has been said on to whom the characters featured on the box art of Killzone: Shadow Fall play into the game’s story, but they are sure to have an upstanding role.

Killzone: Shadow Fall will be a Playstation 4 launch title that fans can eagerly look forward to.



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Written by Guest Contributor: Jawakiller84

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