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Lantana Games Focusing On Polishing Children of Liberty During 2014


Posted December 27, 2013 by


Lantana Games posted an update on their Kickstart blog for their upcoming game known as Children of Liberty. According to the update, the developers are soon going to be working on making the game run better. To do this, they’ll be focusing on polishing the stealth mechanics as well as other factors of the gameplay. Also included will be touch ups to some of the levels in the game, and finishing levels that haven’t been finished yet.

Due to the fact that Lantana Games’ fifth anniversary is in 2014, it’s a special time for them, and with the amount of support going into their new game, motivation is high to make it run great. The last bits of voice acting will also be worked on sometime next year. Children of Liberty is going to be a game set in 1775 colonial America, with a focus on stealth gameplay. As the game progresses more in development, it’s looking more and more promising.



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Source: Kickstarter

Written by Guest Contributor: DagJakeTanner

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