Lets calm down, Star Wars: Battlefront is not Battlefront 3!


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In, out, in, out–take deep breaths. For those of you who may not have heard already, the new Star Wars: Battlefront game that was revealed at this year’s E3, is not a sequel to Battlefront 2. Fans at this year’s E3 burst into cheer as DICE teased them with a 34 second video, but, it’s not exactly what they think it is. The brief teaser video displayed the iconic AT-AT destroying a ship that it had been pursuing.

As opposed to becoming a beloved sequel, according to EA Games’ head honcho, Patrick Söderlund, it will be a game through the eyes of the developers–their own interpretation as to how Battlefront really should be. “This is DICE’s interpretation of what Battlefront should be. That’s the best description you can have,” Söderlund told Eurogamer. Players will still be able to recognize all the things they love from Battlefront in this new game, but DICE will be putting their own twist and flavor into it as well–thus the reason it isn’t titled Battlefront 3. As of right now, no platforms have been confirmed, but keep checking back for more details.




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Written by Guest Contributor: Fusromandah

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