New Gears of War: Judgment DLC, Lost Relics, Available for VIP Members Today!


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Epic Games has recently announced that they’re going to be releasing a new DLC titled: Lost Relics, for VIP (very important player) Pass members only. What’s even more exciting is that the DLC will be available for them today! Lost Relics will also include brand spankin’ new maps, weapons, armor skins, as well as a new mode called Breakthrough. In Breakthrough, player will be a part of a team where one side has to take a flag and transport it from one spot, to another–while the other team tries to prevent them from doing so. There will be four new multiplayer maps included within Lost Relics, titled: Lost City, Museum, Ward, and Checkout.

Checkout’s setting takes place in an abandoned supermarket, and seeing that it’s a smaller map, tactical combat is key. Lost City takes place in an ancient city, that was at one time an archaeological find, until the Locust came and took over everything. The Museum map takes place in the Ilima Museum of Natural History, right next to the city capitol. The museum features all kinds of ancient artifacts, from swords containing different powers, to ancient mechanical weaponry. The last map featured is Ward. Ward is a battleground where one of the most intense fights were held between the COG Army and the Locust. A lot of blood was shed between the two at this location, but it was an extraordinary battle, nonetheless. Now, if you’re not a VIP member, then don’t get too worked up–this DLC pack will available to you on June 25th. Stay tuned for more details, COG soldiers!

GoW: Judgment – Checkout:


GoW: Judgment – Lost City:


GoW: Judgment – Museum Map:


GoW: Judgment – Ward Map:

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