Owlchemy Labs Release New Gameplay Video for Dyscourse


Posted November 22, 2013 by


Owlchemy Labs is currently raising funds via KickStarter for their upcoming PC survival game Dyscourse: Survivors Choose Wisely and today saw the release of a six minute video detailing an early alpha build with Owlchemy founder Alex Schwartz talking us through the session to support their application. In the video Schwartz walks us through how the characters move and details the speech options presented through an adventure game styled dialog tree much like Mass Effect, but with that “absurd Owlchemy style.”

To be successful Dyscourse needs to raise $40,000 and so far they have raised just over $19,000 at the time of publishing this article. The application still has 13 days to go and so for those of you not so good at math that means they have raised just under half the money in just over half the time so hopefully this video will help give it the push it deserves.

The studio recently announced that Dyscourse will feature special guest appearances from select well known indie game developers like Tim Schafer of Double Fine Productions, developers of Psychonauts and Broken Age. Edmund McMillen of Team Meat developers of Super Meat Boy and the Binding of Isaac and Phil Tibitoski the developer behind 2010’s smash hit Octodad. More developers are expected to make an appearance if the game is successfully funded, personally I would love to see a little Phil Fish chilling in the desert because you know he would be good value for money.

Be sure to check out the video at the official Dyscourse KickStater page and make sure you drop a dollar in the jar on the way out, we need to make sure this game is made!



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Source: Dyscourse Kickstarter