Payday 2 Gage Weapon Pack 2 DLC Comes Exclusively to PC in February


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Criminals beware, this just in from Overkill software. “We have reliable intel from several informants that, as of February federal authorities have been given the go-ahead to use paramilitary units on US soil. The purpose? To assist law enforcement agencies in combating organized crime networks” According to official reports the unit has been designated, “The Cloaker” and fortunately for us; Bain has been able to identify the Cloakers communication frequency from a recovered tactical comms unit. Intel suggests that, “Whenever a Cloaker is nearby you should hear a faint hissing whine over the radio.” In the wake of Overkill just announcing the brand new Infamy system this is bad news indeed, but there is hope. A brand new weapons drop is going live just in time to counter the impending threat; the Gage Weapon Pack 2 features all new Light Machine Guns, Knives, Masks and a whole new range of Patterns and Materials.

Be advised, in reference to the LMG’s Gage says, “You can’t just run around with this without people taking notice. Reloading takes a lot of time and the weight and bulkiness will slow you down by 20% while you’ve got the gun equipped.” Knives on the other hand are much quicker, silent too. Just as deadly up-close – the knives introduce a new charge attack capable of knocking enemies to the ground making for an easy kill. “The longer you hold, the stronger your attack.”

The Gage Weapon Pack 2 DLC is coming exclusively to PC sometime in February and will be available through Steam for just $5. For more information be sure to read the full breakdown on Overkill‘s official site.


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  • Steven Edwards

    This weapon pack does not work…at all. When you try to ADS, the player moves the LMG’s to the side a tiny bit, and doesn’t even aim down the sight whatsoever :/