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Playstation 4 Commercial Shows You the “Perfect Day” – Greatness Awaits


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The new Playstation 4 commercial shows what it means to have a perfect day as a game. All it takes is a good friend and playing some friendly co-op or competition. The perfect day starts off like any other with donning your dragon killing attire whether it is dual swords, or a large axe. Then add a friend and battle it out for fun. Then take to the wheel of a race car. Race your friend on a good track and as soon as you hit a straight stretch just tap your buddy into the barriers to send him flying. And of course, to wrap up the day, bring that friend onto the battlefield to shoot it out with futuristic weapons within a warzone or should I say killzone.

I’d say that is pretty much the perfect day aside from the bromance the commercial showed. Hey who is to judge? Give the new commercial a look as two friends experience the perfect day with singing in tow. As an undertone, the Playstation 4 and the next gen of consoles want to bring gamers more social aspects of gaming and this commercial captures it perfectly with two friends having fun playing together; and that is what makes games fun to some people. Playstation 4, greatness awaits November 15, 2013.


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Written by Guest Contributor: TravisGoodsell




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