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The Power of the Keyblade! All That’s Epic’s Favorite Keyblades from Kingdom Hearts!


Posted September 20, 2013 by


Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMIX is out, and we here at All That’s Epic are having a great time reliving the grand adventure! From tearing heartless apart in the Coliseum, to hopping from one Disney world to the next with good ole Donald and Goofy by our side, there is a huge list of things to accomplish in the game and it is a total blast doing so!

There are some pretty epic characters featured in the game, and one of the most important, though inanimate, characters is the Keyblade. The massive, gleaming weapon serves as the crucial instrument that seals or unseals barriers between worlds and locks keyholes in said worlds, preventing the Heartless from overwhelming them. It’s powerful ally for protecting the worlds from chaos and has the ability to help its master perform tremendous magic spells and can even gain different abilities when a keychain is attached. Not just anyone can take possession of a one, as it takes a special person to gain the ability to wield the mighty blade. You come across many variations throughout the game, so we are going to take a look at some of the brilliant blades of glory. Here are our Favorite Keyblades from Kingdom Hearts!


Fairy Harp:


This teeny keyblade packs a huge punch! You gain the little green powerhouse once you lock the keyhole in Neverland, and it come with some serious magic enhancers. You gain an MP point when equipped and it really gives your magic and summoning abilities a huge boost, though that is to be expected. The key is clearly inspired by Tinkerbell, and we all know fairies are known for being truly enchanting creatures. Despite having a limited range, the key does bring the pain and deals some critical blows. You just have to take the risk of getting pretty close to the enemies to do it.



This gothic masterpiece is one of the coolest keys in the game. It is has one of the strongest attack powers of any key that early on in the game and spooky design is jagged and batty, and sure to scare off the Heartless with ease. One of the best qualities of the key besides, it impressive strength, is the huge swing range, thanks to its long skeletal design. For a player who is looking for a power house keyblade early on, this key is the best.



If your game is all about being a master is wizardry, the Spellbinder is the key for you! It is weak in the way of physical attack, but you gain 2 MP when equipped and if you would rather cast spells from a distance and summon the help of powerful friends like Genie and Dumbo, this keyblade is vital. It takes some time to get, but once you have all seven spells you can go have a chat with Merlin and he hands it over, once he deems you worthy of course.



This keyblade is an all around decent key for spells and attacks, very middle of the road. The reason it is on the list is because it is because of what the keyblade represents for Sora and how it gets all your feels in a twist. The charm that Kairi give Sora (you will remember it all the way from the beginning of the game) enables a great weapon to fight with, sure. But it is also a representation of their friendship and all of the memories they share. What, am I crying? No, I just have paopu juice in my eye…



Towards the end of the game you start receiving some pretty heavy duty weaponry, and Oblivion is no exception. In fact, other than the Ultima Weapon, this is the most power Sword in the game when it comes to physical attacks. Pounding away at the endless hordes of Heartless is a breeze with Oblivion, and its wicked design isn’t too bad to look at either. It is the perfect weapon for those that could care less about magic (you lose an MP point by using it), and you don’t have the time or patience to gather the materials needed for the best weapon in the game.

Ultima Weapon:


Oh yes, they don’t call it the Ultima Weapon for nothing. It is by and far the most powerful weapon in the entire weapon and well worth the tremendous amount of work you have to put into it. You have a laundry list of items you have to first find (finding those mystery goo’s is such a pain!), and once you’re done grinding for those items the sweet moogles will forge the item for you. It is not only the mightiest weapon in the game; it is also glorious to look at. Much like when you finally beat the wings right off Sephiroth’s back, gaining access to this beast gives you a great feeling of accomplishment, and it certainly helps you take down Ansem with ease.

This complex weapon is one of the most uniquely crafted and magical tools ever bestowed to a hero in any game around. Those of us that have been lucky enough to wield it know that the Keyblade itself seems to have its own personality, its own character, and it deserves recognition for being a vital cog in the Kingdom Hearts machine. These are some of our favorites, so sound off and let us know which keyblade is yours!



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