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Prepare for Battle with Killer Instinct’s Latest Ghoulish Character!


Posted January 31, 2014 by


Yet another badass is added onto Killer Instinct’s character roster! As of tomorrow, players will be able to download the latest ghoulish, undead pirate addition to this fighting family, and he goes by the name of Spinal. This fleshless skeleton uses his wide variety of unique abilities to take down his enemies. Spinal has the ability to teleport, grab, and pop up opponents. On top of this, he’s also able to summon ghost skulls to throw at his foes–I wouldn’t want to mess with that. But it’s much more than hucking chunks of human remains at enemies–so much more.

These skulls may move slowly, but they also recover quickly, which gives Spinal the opportunity to throw more maneuvers his opponents way. In situations such as that, players could utilize that extra time to teleport behind or in front of their enemies, to throw another surprising blow. The skulls also feature low and high hitting skulls, where some will be aimed at the lower half of the screen, while the others will go far above the screen, and then come spiraling back down wherever their opponent is standing. If players use these variety of moves to the proper advantage, Spinal will become a whirlwind of terror coming at enemies in all different directions. Oh, but there’s more–Spinal also has received his own release trailer, showcasing all the grim and ghastly moves he comes with, as well as his wriggling Kraken Shield.



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