PS3 Exclusive Rain Gets New Story Trailer!


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Sony Japan has released a new story trailer for their upcoming adventure game Rain, this one discussing what is actually going on in the game. That might seem like a harsh statement, but without an explanation, it just appears that a couple of barely visible kids are running around in the rain. While it is that, there’s also more. The two children can only be seen, at least in silhouetted form, while it’s raining out. Together the two will find an intertwining destiny, while being chased by similarly invisible monsters, that leads them deeper into the unsettling city of eternal night. The trailer below elaborates on that premise.



Rain is set to release sometime this fall on the PlayStation Network, but there’s been no specific date given. What is known is that, going outside when it’s raining just suddenly became a lot less appealing, because who has time to deal with being chased by invisible cranes and all that?



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Written by Guest Contributor: TheHeroofOsaka

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor