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Retro City Rampage Coming Soon to Xbox 360 and Wii


Posted December 31, 2012 by


Those of you without a PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Plus will have access to Retro City Rampage, but you’ll have to pay. According to EGM, Retro City Rampage will be available on the Xbox Live Arcade on January second for 1200 Microsoft Points or $15. Wii owners can also expect to see RCR at some point in January.

Vblank’s Entertainment action adventure game was released originally in October and is a parody of retro games, pop culture and the Grand Theft Auto series. Much like GTA, players will have the ability to roam an enormous city setting as Jester, a grunt in a major crime syndicate. There are some 50 story missions and a number of other challenges, so there’s some definite depth to the game. Jester will be able to do most of what players should expect in a GTA parody, hijack cars to wreck the city and attract the attention of the police. The game has received mix reviews.





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Written by Guest Contributor: theheroofosaka

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