Saints Row the Third and Gods Eater Burst Free Tomorrow on The Playstation Store!


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Don’t be shocked to see an update to the Playstation Store tomorrow, it is merely adding more free games to download. New in the library are Saints Row the Third, and Gods Eater Burst. Saints Row the Third is a 3rd -person action RPG with an open city to explore and create chaos in. It will be available for free on your Playstation 3 to download. Gods Eater Burst is a title that was originally released for the PSP, but was remastered for the Playstation Vita. Gods Eater Burst is an action title in which players travel throughout a post apocalyptic world fighting vicious aliens known as Aragami.

These releases are just two of many games to be free to download from the Playstation Store in the coming months. Free to play games are also going to be available on the upcoming Playstation 4, regardless of a Playstation Plus membership. At Sony’s E3 conference, it was revealed that Playstation Plus would be required to play online multiplayer, but it would not have a price increase from Playstation 3.




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Source: PlayStation.Blog

Written by Guest Contributor: Jawakiller84

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