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Sony Unveils PS4 Exclusive Content for MLB 14: The Show with New Video!


Posted April 7, 2014 by


MLB 14: The Show may have already debuted on both the PS3 and the PS Vita, but Sony has just released brand new footage which highlights the many improvements the current-gen version offers over the last. In essence the trailer boasts that, “Thanks to the power of the PlayStation 4 our stadium art team has brought these cathedrals to life in a way never before seen on any video game console.” Ramone Russell, MLB 14: The Show community manager and game designer says that, “The added memory and horsepower allows us to create more lifelike structures with the geometry―like the tiger in Detroit, the green monster in Fenway and Monument Park in New York.”



Something Russell cites as being integral to overall quality of the PS4 version is the inclusion of, “spec maps throughout the entire stadium.” Other current-gen exclusive improvements include individual blades of grass in the outfield, a much more realistic crowd simulation which includes “up to 1,000 unique character models,” and, “with the added horsepower of moving to the new console we can use this fancy new thing called floating point frame buffers to bring much more colour depth, accuracy and energy to the stadiums, only on PS4.”

I suppose the real question now is, is baseball better―or is it just better on a newer console?



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