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Splatoon 2 Gets New Dualie Squelchers Weapon


Posted July 29, 2017 by

Inklings rejoice as a new weapon has been added to Nintendo’s recently released game, Splatoon 2.

Splatoon 2’s newest update released last night and added a new firearm to its already quite expansive armory. This weapon is called the Dualie Squelchers and is a dual-wielding weapon that is surprisingly good at long range combat.

To get the Dualie Squelchers, simply head over to the game’s resident blabbermouth, Sheldon at Armor Knights, and fork over 9800 coins. The Dualie Squelcher was initially introduced in the first Splatoon game and has been brought back for the sequel; however, it has been re-branded. This time, the weapon will come equipped with a Point Sensor as the sub weapon and Tenta Missiles for its special. Players sporting the Dualie Squelchers also have the ability to perform a dodge roll, which allows users to stay out of harm’s way while also enabling a short increase in damage output.

The update containing the Dualie Squelchers is available for free on Nintendo Switch. Will this new, epic weapon become your main?



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