Star Wars: The Old Republic Puts Out Best of PvP Trailer!


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Star Wars: The Old Republic is being advertised even further now that BioWare has released a “Best of PvP” trailer. The trailer is incredibly short (around a minute long) and features some clips of all the warzones in action. The question is: what’s so “best” about the featured clips in the trailer? It’s an A for effort and it goes to BioWare for continuing to try and advertise their game.

In other SWTOR news, a new patch is currently available for testing. Patch 2.4 will add four on four PvP arenas and a new daily area. The patch will be out during the first week of October, as long as no major issues or bugs come up in the time between. If you want to see the “Best of PvP” trailer from Star Wars: The Old Republic, check out the video below!



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