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Steam Controller Final Designs Headed To GDC 2015


Posted January 8, 2015 by

In an interview with gaming website GameSpot at this year’s CES 2015, Origin PC COE Kevin Wasielewski confirmed that the design of Valve’s Steam Controller had been finalized, and will be making an appearance in March at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. “At GDC, they’re going to have more information,” said Wasielewski. “And we’ll be there. That’s the official stuff we can say. They came out with the controller, then they got some user feedback, and they had to revamp it; they got some more user feedback and had to revamp it again.

So they went through that like three or four times. And now their controller is finalized. So now they’re going to production and at GDC is when they’re going to announce more stuff.” The Steam Controller was originally announced back in September of 2013, with features such as touchpad joysticks and haptic feedback going with prototypes that were sent to beta testers. The pad has since gone through multiple revisions, with the latest being leaked in December. Also in the GameSpot interview, Wasielewski stated that the term ‘Steam Machine’ had been for the most part phased out, being replaced with living room PC.



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