Surgeon Simulator 2013 Receives Space DLC For Free!


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Surgeon Simulator 2013

Prepare to get your frustration levels even higher! Surgeon Simulator 2013, famed because of its incredibly hard difficulty, has received some free DLC that allows you to perform surgeries in space. There was already a super secret level that allowed surgeries in zero gravity that players could access through the game but this DLC just adds a couple more levels to do so. One surgery involves a brain transplant while the other is a kidney transplant. Included with the DLC is also 18 new achievements to go along with your exploration of space.

There’s also a “Top Secret World Stopping Secret Content” as developer Bossa Studios calls it, that’s been added somewhere within the game. No talk of how to access the content so far but all we know is that it has something to do with an alternate reality game called Codename: Trisha. The DLC is free to those who already own the game but to those who want to learn the meaning of frustration, all you would have to do is buy the game on Steam for $9.99 to access the DLC for free as well. Check it out today!


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