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Team Fortress 2 Fan Art Shown On Russian TV, Mistaken for Us Propaganda


Posted September 8, 2014 by


Team Fortress 2 is everywhere, and apparently it’s fan-art has now been featured on Russia’s Channel 1 as an ‘example’ of war time propaganda.  The TF2 fan art that was featured was DeviantArt member TankTaur’s brain child – which he entered into a competition to create a piece of propaganda art flyers. Seems he got a little more recognition than he originally anticipated…

If this was an actual propaganda poster from WWII – it’s a little bit daunting to think that American’s ate babies, right? Maybe Russia should have really researched a little more into the posters!

The documentary it was featured on is below for you to watch – and the error has been noted by the International Business Times. This error is one of many that has been featured on TV, for example, last year we saw an Assassins Creed screenshot being passed off as an original photo and who can forget the time that the much loved Halo logo replaced the UN’s.




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