Ten Minutes of Thief Gameplay Emerges From the Shadows!


Posted June 18, 2013 by


A thirty-three minute video showcasing Edios Montreal’s next generation stealth title Thief has ten minutes of gameplay embedded inside. Producer Stefane Roy showed off the gameplay, which starts off a few hours into the game. In the video, Roy showed off the surroundings of the game – more specifically the city players will be roaming in, as well as the city’s ruler The Baron.

Being that this is another installment into the Thief series, stealth weighs heavily on the gameplay. Gamers are able to see how sneaky they are being by checking out an icon in the left hand corner, which shows how visible, or ideally how hidden, they are. Sneaking around is not the only skill players will have to master, however. Guards can be alerted of Garrett’s presence by sound as well, so making sure your light on your feet is key.

Thief is set to sneak through homes next year for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Take a look at the video below!



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