Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon’s Keep Launch Trailer!


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The time has come. It’s June 25th, and you all know what that means–Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon’s Keep releases today. The Queen is in trouble, and it’s your duty, fellow vault hunter, to save her! She ventured into the forest to restore light back to the dark world you’re immersed within, Flamerock Refuge, and then went missing. It’s your quest to find her, and return her to safety. From the developers at Gearbox Software, and the publishers at 2K Games, comes an epic fantasy-esque shooter, that’ll blow your mind away. Players dive deep into a world covered in darkness. You’ll find yourself up against all new enemies, with similar classes, such as melee and sniper. You’ll see similar characters such as Moxxi and Handsome Jack, but Handsome Jack has actually become ‘The Handsome Sorcerer’.

Who do you think is behind the Queen’s disappearance? Well, it’s very possible it may be none other than the notorious Handsome Sorcerer, himself. Every single thing about the world you’re in, has undergone a fantasy remodel. Players will see all the traditional Borderlands items, but just with new skins. You’ll come across fairies, living, moving trees, skeletons, and dragons. This next DLC for Borderlands 2 is out today, so why don’t you buy it already? It’s available for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC, and is priced at $9.99, or 800 Microsoft Points. Season Pass holders will be able to have the DLC for free, as well.



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